Kenny has been great to work with as he constantly is seeking to improve the look, layout and how the website works for our purpose. He is very open to feedback and is quick with making the changes or doing all that he can to accommodate our requests. Not only that, he has come up with new applications (such as the fitness tracker) for our website that we have found very useful. We have the ability to do a wide range of tasks online that have made the job of the directors easier such as: track members, track paperwork and membership fees, track the team's fitness, use program Headcount for event invitations, use the website for recruitment and track attendance.

Karen Wang
Los Angeles Racing Dragons
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project image

In 2009 our website was in terrible shape. The Board of Directors contacted Kenny Kim to discuss upgrading and managing our website. We gave Kenny creative latitude and the results have exceeded our expectations.

The website is highly informative and very attractive. The information is accurate and in many cases the first website (in the dragonboat community) to have the information posted. The quality of the website has been noticed by our parent organization, the United States Dragon Boat Association.

Larry LaMarsh
Pacific Dragon Boat Association

For anyone out there who would like to have a site, this company is fantastic. They take all your input and do the hard part!

Jeannie Lin
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